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USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder
Located in South Dakota


Northern Plains Hedgehogs

Anyone interested in purchasing a hedgehog from us MUST go through our application process, NO EXCEPTIONS!!  

Please go to this link first to read about the steps and what you can expect.   The Application Process

 All of our baby hedgehogs will come with the following:

Birth Certificate
Fleece Hedgehog Snuggle Bag - Except Adults
Hedgehog Care Guide 
Food Mix to last 1-2 Weeks
Lifetime Support
Lifetime Guarantee against WHS

Pedigree's are only available to other USDA Breeders.  

Prices for babies is $225 - $300 and generally stays around $250.  Prices depend on temperament and color.  

 Re-homing fee's for young hogs adults run from $25-$150

All deposits are deducted from the price. 


If interested in one of these hedgehogs, please fill out our application and inquire to make sure he/she is still available.

               Algerian Oak Brown Male                Algerian Grey Female
                   11 Months Old - $25                           2 Years Old - $50


                               SOLD                                           RETAINED
         Alg. Dark Grey Male w/Pinto Face                     SOLD
                           Reserved - Dawn C.                               
                                SOLD                                           RETAINED
              Alg. Oak Brown Male - Orange                      SOLD
                          Reserved - Larissa S.                             
                  Algerian Dark Grey Female          Algerian Oak Brown Male    
                            Reserved - Tara L.                                         Reserved - Sandy E.