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USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder
Located in South Dakota


Northern Plains Hedgehogs

Anyone interested in purchasing a hedgehog from us MUST go through our application process, NO EXCEPTIONS!!  

Please go to this link first to read about the steps and what you can expect.   The Application Process

 All of our baby hedgehogs will come with the following:

Birth Certificate
Fleece Hedgehog Snuggle Bag - Except Adults
Hedgehog Care Guide 
Food Mix to last 1-2 Weeks
Lifetime Support
Lifetime Guarantee against WHS

Pedigree's are only available to other USDA Breeders.  

Prices for babies is $225 - $300 and generally stays around $250.  Prices depend on temperament and color.  

 Re-homing fee's for adults run from $25-$150.

All deposits are deducted from the price.  The deposit is the same for all hedgehogs, no matter the age.

Click here to fill out our application for one of our hedgehogs



Babies should start to arrive this week.  Updates will be posted here and on our FB page when they are born.
Due to an unexpected death in our family after Thanksgiving, our breeding's got put on hold.  We are expecting litters towards the end of January.  These babies will be ready to go in March depending on when they are born.


Amara is a 2 year old Algerian Brown Female.  She is a friendly girl that is easy to handle, but does not especially like to up during the day.   

Rehome Fee - $25.00

Elektra is a 1 year old, Pinto Female.   She is a shy girl who would do well in a home where she would get a lot of one on one attention.   She does take a bit to come out, but once out does fine.

Rehome Fee - $50.00

Knick Knack is a 1 1/2 year old, Split Face Pinto Female.   She has decided she wants no part of motherhood, so is looking for a home where she can be a pampered pet.   Like Elektra (hedgehog above), she would benefit from a lot of one on one attention as she is not the most friendly girl.

Rehome Fee - $25.00