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USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder
Located in South Dakota

Northern Plains Hedgehogs


Individuals must understand and agree to the care and handling that a hedgehog needs.  Some important factors include, but are not limited to:

1) I understand and agree that hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and should be left to sleep during the day and should not be woken up.  

2) I understand and agree that hedgehogs MUST be kept at temperature's in between 73-80 to avoid hibernation.

3) I understand and agree that all animals get dirty including hedgehogs.   I agree to only bath my hedgehog when absolutely necessary, preferably no more than twice a month, and to properly check and trim my hedgehogs toenails when needed. 

4) I understand and agree that hedgehogs need to be fed a high quality diet that should consist of high protein, low fat cat food, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked unseasoned meats, and live insects from a pet store.

5) I understand and agree that hedgehogs have their own personality, and must realize I will get poked, the hedgehog may bite, and my hedgehog may be grumpy one day and nice the next.

6) I understand and agree that all animals do get sick or injured and this includes hedgehogs and that I agree to take him/her to a licensed veterinarian that deals with and treats exotic pets.

7) I understand and agree to the fact that NPH does NOT sell hedgehogs for breeding purposes to individuals and families, only other USDA licensed breeders.

8) I understand that my deposit is Non-Refundable if I choose not to get the hedgehog I reserved. 

9) I understand if I can not get a hedgehog when I place a deposit, I forfeit my deposit and understand that I have to go through the process again.  I understand that NPH only takes deposits for current hedgehogs, not future ones.

10) I understand and agree that I must contact NPH in the event that I can no longer care for or keep my hedgehog.  This is to ensure the hedgehog either comes back to NPH or that we may help to find the proper, experienced home.

11) I understand and agree that a hedgehog needs his cage and items in his cage thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once a week.   

12) I understand and agree that a hedgehog needs exercise and that a proper wheel will be purchased for him/her. 


Our Hedgehog babies are priced in between $175 - $300, and is based on a number of factors.   If we have any available adults available for re-homing, they are priced in between $25 - $100. 

We do not accept payments for our hedgehogs, and we do not accept checks as a form of payment. Deposits are made through Paypal to reserve your hedgehog, and the remaining amount is paid in cash when you obtain him/her. 


If you should decide that a hedgehog is not the right pet for you after it has been in your care, or it is just not working out, we will offer the following refunds:

First 7 days of actual ownership - 50% of purchase price (this does not include the deposit which is non-refundable regardless)

Day 7 - Day  14 of actual ownership - 25% of purchase price

We will not offer a refund past 2 weeks of purchase.   Please note, this refund does not apply to a hedgehog that is not returned in the same condition from which it was purchased. Examples would include illness, weight loss, intentional injury, and injury from another pet.

If you decide that a hedgehog is not the right pet for you after the 2 weeks or a couple months down the road, NP Hedgehogs must be contacted.  You are not allowed to sell the hedgehog without contacting us first.

If you purchased your hedgehog from another breeder or a pet store and can no longer keep it, we can take it in as a rescue and find a suitable home.  Please contact us if you need our assistance.  

Getting your Hedgehog

After you have placed your deposit, and your baby is weaned, or your young/adult hedgehog is ready to go, you have 7 days from the time your baby is weaned to get your hedgehog.  The 7 day rule also applies to young/adult hedgehogs.  If 7 days goes by and your hedgehog is still here, you forfeit your deposit, and your hedgehog will be available to the next person on our list.  It is your responsibility to make arrangements to get him/her

For Babies - You have 7 days to get your new baby hedgehog from the date they are weaned

For Young/Adults - You have 7 days to get him/her from the date you make the deposit 

 "Exceptions will be made in extenuating circumstances" 


At this time, we do not offer shipping.   We are contemplating possibly shipping in the future for the months of April - October.  If you are interested in shipping, please contact us. 

Depending on your location, we may consider meeting you part way, however there would be a fee for this.

Disclaimer/Health Guarantee

We at Northern Plains Hedgehogs, guarantees to the best of our knowledge, that all hedgehogs are healthy and have no apparent diseases or illness at the time of purchase.   This means your hedgehog is at the appropriate weight, is eating, drinking, urinating/defecating as they should, has bright eyes with no discharge, no runny nose or sneezing, no discharge from the genitals, no lumps/bumps, bruises, scratches, tears in the skin, etc, and can move freely without wobbling, tripping, or stumbling.

Northern Plains Hedgehogs gives a lifetime guarantee for all hedgehogs bred from our breeding herd, against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (aka: WHS).  WHS is a genetic disorder which could arise later in life, even though it was not detectable at the time of purchase. We strive to prevent WHS and other genetic diseases in our hedgehogs, by breeding responsibly.  However, the occasional defect may occur despite our best efforts.  

To receive an exchange for a hedgehog that dies of WHS, a necropsy must be performed by a licensed veterinarian, at the expense of the buyer.  If the test results confirm that the cause of death was Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome, the buyer may choose a replacement hedgehog from an available litter or a future litter.  This lifetime WHS warranty does not apply to any hedgehogs that were not bred and born at our place.

If your hedgehog suddenly passes from something other than WHS, a necropsy must still be performed as soon as possible to pinpoint the cause of death.   We will evaluate each of these cases on an individual, case by case basis as to whether a replacement will be given.   To many variables can cause sudden or a gradual passing, which is why a necropsy is so important.