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USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder
Located in South Dakota

                  The Application Process

Thank you for your interest in our hedgehogs and choosing NPH to obtain your hedgehog from.   We would like to take the time to explain what you can expect from our application process. The steps include:

1) Filling out our Application

2) If Approved, Placing a Deposit to be placed on our waiting list

3) Choose and Reserve your Hedgehog

4) Obtaining your New Hedgehog

***Before we on to tell you about each step, please make sure you understand the following.   We normally do everything by email, and we rarely make phone calls as we just do not have the time. This is because we work full-time jobs, and also have a farm to run and other animals to take care of.   Email is the best way of communication.   Next, we do not allow individuals to come into our home to view the hedgehogs and choose their new pet as other breeders often allow.  We have tried doing this numerous times over the years, and it just has not worked for us, and we do hope you understand***

Here is a brief description of the steps in our application process:

1) Application - This is the first step.   It gives us a brief idea of what kind of a pet owner and person you are.   If we feel you may be a good owner for one of our hogs, then you will move on to the next step.  When filling this out, please answer the questions as best you can.   After we review it, you will either be approved or denied.  

2) Placing a deposit - If you passed the application, you will have the option to place a deposit.   Once you place a deposit who will be placed on our waiting list for a baby out of our upcoming or future litters.   When the time comes, you will choose your new baby, and reserve him/her.

3) Reserving - After you reserve your new baby, updates will be given up until he or she is ready to go home with you.    

4) Obtaining your Hedgehog -  This is the last step, and the step you have been waiting for, getting your new hedgehog.   Information will be given and a time is set up to get him or her.

The reason we have this process in place is that we want our hogs to go to the best homes possible.   We know that hedgehogs have a tendency to be a "fad" pet, and people think they would be cool to own, not taking into account the care that they need along with the certain requirements they take in order to thrive.  

We normally do not have babies available all the time to purchase immediately and we usually have a waiting list. This is because we very carefully plan out each breeding, which hedgehogs are being paired together, how many litters we are going to breed, and how many people we currently have on our waiting list.  

 If you are interested in getting a hedgehog from us, please go ahead and start the application process, and if you have any questions, please ask   We are very easy to work with.